Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi again.

In the Star Tribune's article about Fox Tax's role in Art-A-Whirl, there's a little blurb in there about my work, including some really boring quotes from me. Here's what Mary Abbe wrote about my stuff:

Magic seems to permeate all of the show's paintings in different ways. Alex Kuno describes his narrative images as "dark, surreal improvised fairy tales." Tapping into the overactive imagination he nurtured growing up in Anoka, he has created a fascinating series of slightly ghoulish but winsome images of children facing nasty perils -- dragon, bear trap, arrow attack -- with plucky bravado. Often wearing animal costumes, the children are frequently caught in archetypal plights from literature or legend including scenes derived from the lives of Saints George and Sebastian.
"It's about the intersection between adult responsibilities and the anxieties and fears of children, and how adult decisions are always based on those fears and dreams," Kuno said. 

Anyway, yeah. That's it. Still though, it's nice to have my name in paper for something like this, rather than constantly bringing up that dog-fighting ring I started. God, Media: get over it! The other 9/10ths of the article can be found here:



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